AXM-100 (AMI-7001) Anion Exchange Membranes
Technical Specifications

Technical Specification AXM-100S (AMI-7001S)
Single Sheet
Functionality Strong Base Anion Exchange Membrane
Polymer Structure Gel polystyrene cross linked with divinylbenzene
Functional Group Quaternary Ammonium
Ionic Form as Shipped Chloride
Color Off-White/Beige

Standard Size


48in x 120in
1.22m x 3.05m

Standard Thickness


Electrical Resistance (Ohm.cm2)
0.5 mol/L NaCl
Maximum Current Density (Ampere/m2) <500
Permselectivity (%)
0.1 mol KCl/kg / 0.5 mol KCl/kg
Total Exchange Capacity (meq/g) 1.3±0.1
Water Permeability
(ml/hr/ft2) @5psi
Mullen Burst Test strength (psi) >80
Thermal Stability (oC) 90
Chemical Stability Range (pH) 1-10
Preconditioning Procedure Immerse the membrane in either the application solution or a 5% NaCl solution for 12 hours to allow for membrane hydration and expansion.
Storage Store at room temperature and low humidity in sealed air tight container. Storage period not to exceed one year.

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